Institute of Rehabilitation & Drug Addiction


Muhammad Tahir Nawaz 
Chief Executive Officer
Clinical psychologist, EMBA 

Dr. Asif Kamal 
MBBS, FCPS (Psych) 
Consultant Psychiatrist, Bacha Khan Medical Complex, Swabi. 
Assistant Professor, Gajju Khan Medical College, Swabi. 

Sabir Zaman Khattak 
Clinical Psychologist, P.hD scholar

Sabir facilitates group discussions and team building activities at IRADA. He decided to work with the residents at IRADA for drug addicts and help them in rehabilitation. He facilitate group and individual therapy sessions for residents that support them in creating sustainable drug addiction recovery plans. 

His goal is to guide residents to use positive psychology to raise self-awareness of individual strengths and develop coping strategies and lifestyle changes to support the growth strengths 

Madeeha Sauood
Family Counselor, Live Anchor Person in FM 96.4

Madeeha also working as clinical psychologist and assist families that how to support the patient in stressful situation Madeeha meet with couples and families to resolve problems, alter behavior, and enhance communication. 

She met with groups and individuals. Sheutilizes various therapies to enhance communication and get family members to constructively deal with disputes. During marriage counseling with couples discussing divorce, therapists attempt to discover underlying problems and determine if the marriage can be saved. 

Sobea Khateeb 
Clinical Psychologist

Sobea is our facilitator for education group session on substance abuse issues. Her primary area of expertise is coping mechanisms. 

She works with our residents in both group and individual setting and assists them in developing coping skills they will take with them into a lifelong recovery. She work to reduce the distress and improve the psychological wellbeing of clients. She use psychological methods and research to make positive changes to their clients' lives. 

Saira Shabir 
Speech Therapist

Saira work closely with babies, children and adults who have various levels of speech, language and communication problems, and with those who have swallowing, drinking or eating difficulties.

Saira working with a diverse client group, including people with physical and learning disabilities, hearing loss/deafness, psychiatric disorders or dementia.

She assess a client's needs before developing individual treatment programmes to enable each client to improve as much as possible.